Event Advertising

  • Standard Event listings are free – you can schedule a day, week, multiple-weeks, annual & recurring events
  • Featured Events listings are $29.99 per month with a 3 month maximum period.

For Featured Event ads lasting longer than three months please contact our office.

Business Listings – all

  • Standard price per year $89.99 (additional locations / franchise locations $44.99 yr each “after” initial listing.)  NO refunds
  • Featured price per year $199.99 (additional locations / franchise locations $99.99 yr each “after” initial listing.) NO refunds

Franchise is our term / label for multiple locations.  If you own an business that has more than one location you can add them ad a discounted price as suggested in the prices listed above.  For example; a “Featured listing would cost $199.99 for the first location.  Each location after that is only $99.99.

How can you add the additional locations? It’s easy!  The first way is to add the location when you add the first one. There is a “check box” labeled “Franchise.”  Easy right.  The other way you can add locations “after you subscribe to the first location, is to login, go to your listing and look for the “edit text” on the right hand side bar.  Click on edit and go through the original listing “ticking” the “franchise” check box.

Assistance is free.  We will do a screen share with you using Join.Me/AdminWolfie. You must pre-schedule this assistance by calling 866 397-6939.

Skyscraper Banner Ads

  • Main page – 1800 x 500 $75.00 per week two cities $75.99 per week No Refunds
  • Side bar – right 300 x 600 per week two cities $49.99 per week  No refunds
  • Statewide pricing is available upon request
  • Country-wide Pricing is available upon request

You must supply the graphic.

If you need assistance please call 866 397-6939 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 6:00pm PST


Affiliate Program

Our affiliate referral program is on the drawing board.  For individuals and businesses interested in our affiliate program please register and then signup for our new letter. Thank you for your interest.